The Community Council of Tala, in its effort for improving the quality of life for the inhabitants, has already completed several infrastructure projects and is programming others, aiming to change the community into a modern and human polity.

The community was inferior in terms of public roads, which were all deficient and most of them were footpaths. Today all the roads have been widened and paved with asphalt and the entire region has received a serious and useful infrastructure.

The great park located behind the church of St. Catherine has already been completed, with parking lots, children's playgrounds so that the kids can safely play, a kiosk to serve the park's frequenters, and one of the old water-mills of the village is placed at the centre of the park.


The projects that are on track are quite a few, among them the following:

1. The utilisation and beautification of the plaza at the community's centre.
2. The entire area of the old village is to be preserved as a "special character region". The narrow alleys and the stone-made houses are to be maintained and conserved.
3. The plaza-like area in the Chazeli venue where the making of ropes took place will be utilised and all the wooden tools for the processing of rope will be placed there.
4. The creation of two underground parking lots for 150 automobiles and the creation of a multi-purpose cultural centre.
5. The current community field will be turned into a stadium with all the modern athletic facilities.